September 2, 2008

It's all downhill from here

What a treat to come back home and find that the subletters have actually left the place nicer than they found it. I can't think enough my stellar team of guest bloggers. I hope you kept up with the site over the last couple of weeks, 'cause there was a lot of great stuff here. David and Deborah's Family Circus made me laugh out loud (not just type LOL). Guilfoile's history of the Jaws of Life was so fascinating I still can't believe it appeared here, rather than the NYT op-ed page. TG Gibbon gave us the complete undead covers of Dark Mysteries (and all-around the best post title). Vance nailed a political meme that I hope will not go away just because Bristol Palin got knocked up. Simsburybear had an actual scoop with Monica Goodling's wedding registery. And Dave provided an awesome soundtrack for the whole thing.

Thanks again everyone. You can take a break until the next time I take a break.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Wait, I thought I had until Wednesday to finally come up with something! Oh well.

Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey--
Many thanks to Kevin Shay!
Hip Hip Hip Hooray!

I'll save my Parsi pop culture piece for next time.

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