August 15, 2008

Meet the Radosh.net All Stars

I'm leaving tomorrow for two weeks and will only be able to post intermittently. But this blog is going to be more exciting than ever, as I turn the reins over to the Radosh.net All Stars, a dream team of some of our top commenters. It's not so much the inmates running the asylum as different inmates running the asylum. (By the way, I'm aware that a lot of very deserving commenters were left off the team. Blame my haphazard selection process, not any actual judgment. If you want to nominate yourself -- or someone else -- for a future run, just let me know in the comments.)

Since I don't actually know most of these people and have no idea what they look like, I will introduce them using the first picture that comes up under their names on Google Images. Please welcome...

al in la images-1.jpeg Dave dave.jpeg David F images.jpeg dean @ t.a.m.s.y. deantamsy.jpeg Deborah deborah.jpeg Ernest ernest.jpeg Francis francis.jpeg Frank frank.jpeg Harry harry.jpeg J.D. jd.jpeg Jesse jesse.jpeg Jim Treacher treacher.jpeg John Tabin tabin.jpeg Kevin Guilfoile guilfoile.jpeg Kevin Shay shayk.jpeg Matt matt.jpeg mypalmike mypalmike.jpeg Pat Broderick pat.jpegsimsburybear simsburybear.jpeg TG Gibbon tggibbon.jpeg Vance vance.jpeg Walt walt.jpeg

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"...and Tim H as The Beaver."

haha Walt.

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