August 20, 2008

Save the date (or not)

Every girl deserves a happy ending , just like Cinderella, no matter what small mistakes they may have made in the past. On October 11, 2008 in Falls Church Virginia, our favorite ex- justice department official, Monica, is set for her own fairy tale wedding.

She seems to be coming up short in the wedding present department, however. Her various wedding registries are surprisingly bare for someone with such a high profile - and with only 52 days to go until the wedding!

What's the problem? Is it the pending lawsuit? The illegal harrasment and discrimination against justice department employees based on rumor?

Please, give Monica a break! After all, she testified very clearly (before a congressional committee, no less) that although she broke some "rules", she didn't really "mean to". Really.

Come on people! Every girl deserves her one perfect day...the roomba vacuuming robot at least? Anyone?

Posted by simsburybear


Nice catch!

Does anything say eternal love in a clean and unindicted household like a Roomba?

Maybe she should register at Staples - they've got some good deals on shredders.

Wow, an actual scoop. You're making me look bad...

Staples - oh please! Unless they have a Vera Wang Imperial Scroll Pattern deluxe shredder at 500 + dollars a pop then *thanks, but no thank you*

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