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December 24, 2009

It's on with the lights to warm the dark

Jesse Lansner

Lest you all think I'm a total Grinch when it comes to holiday music, I thought I'd share a few songs that have caught my ear over the last week or two.

It's Christmas So We'll Stop. I'd never heard of Frightened Rabbit before coming across this song on the All Songs Considered Holiday Music Mix earlier this week, but I've probably listened to this song about a dozen times since then. A bit melancholy, but still beautiful.

I Wish It Was Christmas Today. I don't have any fond memories of the original SNL version of this song, but Julian Casablancas and the Roots make it rock.

Christmastime for the Jews. Another SNL song I missed the first time around. Cute animation, some good jokes, and the still-amazing voice of Darlene Love. Plus it's much better than what Jews used to do on Nittel Nacht. (Hulu's giving me some errors on embedding this, so if there's no video below, just click here for the song.)

Little Drummer Boy. One of my least favorite traditionals – almost nobody can sing "pa rum pum pum pum" without sounding like an idiot – but any pairing of David Bowie and Bing Crosby is too incredible to miss out on. Bing was 74, and died just a month after taping this, but you'd never know it from his voice.

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating, and Happy Friday to everyone else.


Here's a real (silk) stocking stuffer. The sizzling supernova-hot trailer is now out for The Runaways.

Denmark is a land of contrast. The balmy days of mid-summer are as long as the dark and cold days of winter are short. Yet the Danes are unabashed. These relaxed northerners have invented their own form of conviviality ——— hygge ——— and in many ways they thrive even better in the cold and dark.

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