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December 6, 2009

On the internet, no one knows you're a family newspaper

Francis Heaney

The New York Times, stalwart bastion of awkwardly fudging quotes to avoid profanity, just posted an article featuring, in its online incarnation, an interactive timeline of the history of cellular companies pretending that talking on the phone while you're driving isn't dangerous. I'm strongly in favor of spreading the gospel of not veering onto the sidewalk and smashing me through the window of a laundromat because somebody needed to check their messages in case their sister-in-law called to say what time to meet for dinner on Thursday, but I'm just as much in favor of accidental profanity from the Gray Lady. Click on "2006: Homemade PSA's" in the timeline, or just watch the video here. The s-bomb lands about 19 seconds in.

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