December 8, 2008


ll1thumb.jpg You know self-censorship has gotten out of hand when even Lindsay Lohan feels the need to protect the sensibilities of her MySpace friends. In a sure indication that bowdlerizing "offensive" words has become nothing but a mindless reflex, La Lohan writes that tabloid reporters making up stories about her fights with Sam Ronson "must really feel silly, embarrassed, out of stories, scr*w*d, f*ck*d, punk'd, and so much more."

Really? Firecrotch can't bring herself to say "screwed"? Or "punked"? Next she's going to be graffitiing bathrooms with the message that "Scarlett is a bloody N-word for women."

To make the whole thing crazier, Lohan actually directed her comments at "the people that make shit up." Not, that is, "the people who make sh*t" up.

But maybe "shit" is more acceptable than "screwed." Even the Washington Post Celebritology blog flirted with it today, approvingly reprinting the following as one of its comments of the week: "I'd like to see a Shatner-hosted home improvement show called 'Who Shat In My House?'"

Who indeed?

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Posted by Daniel Radosh


I'd swear that ABC used "You don't know Shat" in commercials for Shatner's short-lived game show.

Did I just imagine that?

After last weeks excellent take down of the New York Times, internet phenomenon Daniel Radish focuses his laser sharp intellect on Lindsey Lohan's myspace blog only to reveal to the world that Lohan is, indeed, a 1st rate air-head not worth of our time.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for transcripts of the Blojagowitz indictment that actually become ambiguous in the bowdlerizing, thus:

ROD BLAGOJEVICH said Tribune Owner should be told "maybe we canít do this now. Fire those ****ers."

it would be ambiguous but it's clear every other word out of this guy's mouth is, "fuckers."

Has lindsay been shamed by the MSM, or is Radosh trying to shame the MSM into not writing like lindsay? Or can all the warmongering propagandizers and lesbian cokeheads agree on one thing, naughty words are naughty?

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