December 7, 2008

What, now we can't even say Nunt?

The Smoking Gun:

Meet Bridget Clemons. The 19-year-old Floridian, an employee at a Pensacola strip club, is facing an assault rap after confronting a shoe store employee she accused of calling her the N-word for women (four letter, rhymes with bunt).

Bonus: Keep reading, and there's the actual word on the first page of the police report. At least the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office doesn't resort to self-censorship.

[h/t Tim Moraca]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


What a silly bunt.

Hooray, hat tip for me.

Cunt is hardly the N-word for women. It is used much more often in reference to a reviled man, and is interchangeable with prick, bastard, hard-on and asshole. Sorry, ladies, but cunt envy has triumphed over your logic here.

Sorry, J.D., but that's ridiculous: In America at large, anyway, 'cunt' is certainly used much more often to refer to women than to men.

In the UK, as my ref above shows, that kind of usage -- for a man to refer to himself or another male that way - would be more common. Also, France, where the practically unisex con means roughly, and is at the level of, ' dumbass.'

I'm American as Ritz Cracker faux apple pie, and anecdotal evidence (which is the only evidence anyone has to go by in these matters) proves conclusively that in the US as elsewhere, cunt is a pejorative leveled at menz thousands of times more than wymmenz.

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