August 24, 2007

Wake me up when August ends

You know all those trend stories about how Americans feel too guilty to take vacations, and even when they do, they lug their laptops with them? Well it ain't me, babe. I'm off for another week, but am once again leaving you in the hands of some very capable guest bloggers. Returning is novelist and radosh.net webmaster Kevin Shay, joined this time by novelist and crime blogger Kevin Guilfoile. Plus, if we're lucky, special appearances by our alluring and mysterious international affairs correspondent Slutwench.

I'll be checking in now and again to read their posts — and your comments — from a tiny public library somewhere in the Adirondack mountains, so be on your best behavior.

Also, I've posted the results from this week's anti-caption contest early. The new one will be up as scheduled on Monday.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Wave when you pass Albs on your way up! haha. Have fun. Your guest bloggers rock anyway, and tend to post more often. :D

Yeah, wave when you pass us here in Albany. And give us some of that downstate world-weary scorn for those who don't live in NYC. Kidding, kidding.

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