May 1, 2007

Update: Heroes teen not homophobe, just pompous method actor

The kid who ran screaming like a girl from playing a gay guy on Heroes defends himself.

What transpired on heroes is something far more complicated than anyone being "afraid" to make Zach homosexual. The character that I created in the beginning of the show, a process I take very seriously, was based on Zach being an outcast who had a burning love for Claire, a crush that drew him to her and effected every ounce of his self esteem around her. I created the character that way because it was WRITTEN IN THE ORIGINAL SCRIPT that he was in love with Claire.

Yes, Heroes fans would never accept inconsistencies -- especially not in anything as important as the psychology of minor characters. This is an important work of art, after all, not just something that allows geeks to justify purchasing HD televisions.

Vaguely related (to gays and geeks): I just watched the Richard Donner cut of Superman II. What's with all the Lex Luthor is a poofter humor? Was that in the original release and it just went over my head?

I'll chalk it up as an homage to the great noir villains.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


What's with the fact that the "director's cut" of Superman II has the exact same ending as Superman I? How lame is that? (Granted, the original ending was lame, too, but at least it was different.) Donner should be damn thankful for editors.

isn't lex played by kevin spacey? that guy can't play straight on a bet.

were you watching it in HD by any chance? not a great movie to show off you HDDVD drive. actually not a great movie to show off anything but your age.

lex is played by gene hackman, of course.

Nice try, Slutwench, but you're running with the big geeks now.

I think if you watched in HD, Hackman would actually start chewing the scenery in your living room.

>>What's with the fact that the "director's cut" of Superman II has the exact same ending as Superman I? How lame is that? (Granted, the original ending was lame, too, but at least it was different.

Kate, It's the ending of Superman II in the script. Supe I had a different ending as written. For reasons I can't quite remember, when it came time to edit the first film, it was decided to port the sequel's ending over to the first film.

Keep in mind that the two movies were shot back to back, and Donner was about 75% of the way through shooting the second one when he got fired.

(Or was your question in jest? My irony meter is busted.)

Small point, but the movies were shot simultaneously, not back to back.

have you seen superman returns yet, daniel? I'm not sure, of course, but there may be some gay undertones in that one.

Jake - you don't remember my anguished phone call from Denver about having just wasted two hours of my life watching that piece of shit? I would rather watch the the ending of either Superman I or II on a two hour loop than have to sit through Superman Returns again. If there were gay undertones, I slept through them.

oh yes, it's all coming back to me now... sorry. if only someone could fly around the world faster and faster until time started to go backwards and THAT MOVIE WAS NEVER MADE!

I'm not sure, but I might have meant "gay" not in the sexual orientation way, but in the high-school freshman way, you know, totally LAME.

Since Zach's homosexuality was no surprise whatsoever, I'd say that serious-actor-boy's attempt to get that whole "in love with Claire" thing across was so inept that he probably shouldn't bring it up.

Good point.

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