April 24, 2007


zach-gay-goodbye-fallout.jpg Defamer has a post on how gay panic led to the disapperance of a supporting player on Heroes.

Worth reading just for the comments. My favorite was this one, following a debate over whether Zach was gay or just emo: "He tried to sleep with the super-healing cheerleader, but he got tired of having to deflower her over and over again."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


More importantly: on last night's show, why didn't the Professor guy kill Silar (Sylar?) after he knocking him out with the world's heaviest bulletin board? Instead, the Professor takes the time to drag the (apparently) dead whats-his-name to his mother's house? While Silar (with whom he had previously been locked in mortal combat) unconcious on the floor? What if Silar woke up? Then, later in the episode, the Professor guy is all huffy when talking to the Company Man, muttering about "revenge" and so forth. If the Professor was so hellbent on revenge, why didn't he take it when he had the opportunity? It's just a terribly written show.

As for the gay/neutered friend: I'm guessing that Cheerleader's agents asked for her to have a chaste relationship. It's probably a Jesus thing.

"Professor guy" = Mohinder Suresh, "whats-his-name" = Peter Petrelli, "Silar" = Sylar. Noob.

My understanding from the fansites is that they were originally going to end the scene with Sylar going out the window, but they changed it to save time/money. It's not entirely crazy that Mohinder would grab Peter and book, though, since it's been well established that Sylar is scary-powerful and Mohinder is kind of a wuss.

Arthur may be a noob, but he's right: Mohinder not attempting to kill Sylar is incredibly stupid.

And it would be weird if they'd made that kid gay because Heroes is one of the more sexless shows I've ever seen. The cheerleader hasn't been that hot since she dropped out of the squad (it was all uniform). That blonde with the kid is a mouth-breather. All the dudes are doughy, pale and lame.

I'm no "noob," I just haven't allowed the minutia of this awful series (which I watch faithfully, nevertheless) to fill up much more space in my brain. I stand by my earlier assessment: terrible writing.

Mohinder tried to shoot Sylar in the freakin' head in a previous cliffhanger episode. Sylar uses his physics defying mojo to stop the bullet. Then Sylar pins Mohinder to the ceiling, savoring the kill. Jump ahead to Monday's episode: After knocking Sylar unconcious with the world's heaviest bulletin board, Mohinder can't take two seconds to grab the gun (or any blunt object) to finish the job? Instead he takes the time to drag a corpse down some flights of stairs and into a cab? What if Sylar had woken up during all this?

Well now that I've actually watched the episode, I'm with Arthur. Not just on this point but on the quality of the writing. I enjoy the show because I like the plots and the characters, but the writing, especially the dialogue, is pretty poor. It's frustrating.

As for freetz's comments on the lack of hotness, I've said as much before.

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