March 7, 2007

I thought you could use a little eye candy to chase away that unpleasant taste of Coulter

NUP_104903_2097.jpg I never did get around to seeing Stick It, but after this week's Heroes, I just might bump it up the Netflix queue.

Ali Larter and Hayden Planetarium never really did it for me, so the addition of Missy Peregrym to the cast is quite welcome. I'd also have settled for better writing, but this will suffice. Of course, it would be even better if Missy's power was making everybody else look like her instead of the other way around.

By the way, the youngest members of my household have recently discovered the Pixar back catalog, and I was surprised and amused to find that Hayden provided the voice of Princess Dot in A Bug's Life.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Do you have Starz? Stick It is showing there on a pretty regular basis this month.

You're going to hate Stick It.

It's just dreary -- such a disappointment after the guilty pleasure that was Bring It On. In addition to its other problems -- bad pacing, unlikeable (sp?) protagonist, creepy relationship b/w teen gymnast and adult coach (I guess any gymnast-coach relationship is per se creepy), it's got these two: One, the film turns out to have an important message. Ick. Second, that message -- the thesis of the film -- is all wrong! (When one of the gymnasts says -- of the judges -- "Who are they to judge us?" I wondered: well, without the element of judging, what would we really be doing here? This isn't like skateboarding or even cheerleading; there's nothing inherently cool or fun or useful about whirling around on a pommel horse.)

There are certain pleasures you expect from a sports movie -- e.g., the vicarious thrill of the competition scenes. (Uh, actually, I guess that's the only pleasure you expect. Oh, wait -- the training montage.) When I'm in a sports-movie mood, I'm willing to put up with a lot of bad acting, writing, etc., in exchange for the scene where Sylvester Stallone beats the shit out of some commie bastard. This movie denied me that pleasure -- the pleasure of vicariously out-pommel-horsing a bunch of commie bastard gymnasts. And the movie isn't smart (or coherent) enough to pass itself off as a "subversive take on the genre."

Also: the Bad Thing in the protagonist's past -- the Thing She Has To Get Over, the Thing Her Teammates Have To Forgive Her For -- is really, really, really bad! When her teammates forgave her at the end, I was like, "Fuck that!"

Holy shit; I've written a disturbingly long comment about Stick It.

I frickin' love this blog, by the way. I'm always linking my friends to it in emails. I have yet to enter the caption contest because so many of the other entries are intimidatingly awesome.

So, the capsule version of this marathon comment would be: Stick It bad, Radosh good.

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