January 4, 2007

Out of the pop loop

Heroes-ClaireRibs1.jpg Listen, people. You all know that I've been searching for a replacement for Huckapoo. So why has nobody informed me that Hayden Planetarium is recording an album? I'm sure it will break all sales records — and then regenerate them right before our eyes!

First listen on the irresistably-named compilation, Girl Next, which has been out so long it should be called Girl Last. Ha! [Via Stylus]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


hayden was the star of "racing stripes."

she rode a talking zebra to victory while a shetland pony voiced by dustin hoffman cheered her on.

it was cute.

SO, what is that a picture of?

Don't make me track down the Harry Knowles lust piece on her, Daniel.

Her single "I Fly," is available on iTunes.

I Fly is weak. The track on GirlNext is much better, if not entirely satisfying.

Did you win the contest? The eds never got back to me with the results.

My kidney! They took my freakin kidney!

Is she the cheerleader from this video? http://youtube.com/watch?v=TdItwaLrv1U

You know, I'd only seen pictures of Lordi and just assumed that they must be pretty badass. I didn't realize that they're just The Darkness without balls. No wonder they won that eurogay contest.

Oh yeah, never overestimate a Eurovision winner. Of course their lyricist is a genius to fit "arockalypse," "day of rockenning," and "the rock is about to roll" in a song not involving Jack Black. I only wonder if they will ever develop a cure for gottorockulitis. And it's nice to know Finns can laugh at themselves.

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