September 8, 2006

Flinging 'Poo

I'm trying to work up some excitement about the first Huckapoo media exposure in ages, but, um, wtf is StarShine magazine? (Oh, it's a site for publicists to plant press releases. That explains it.) Not that the venue is the real problem here. When these girls are on, they can shine even in crap like New York magazine. Yet for some reason, they seem to have decided that this interview, which will apparently be read by their would-be fan base (i.e., tween girls, not creepy bloggers), is the perfect time to distance themselves from their own band!

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): So you guys have your birth names of course and then you have your stage personas. Why did you guys decide to do that?

PJ: Well, we actually didnít decide to do it ourselves. When we came into this project, we were told we would have characters and our own style statement.

Joey: Our names were given to us like nicknames sort of.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Do you guys like it that way? Is it fun?

PJ: Itís fun because itís easy to differentiate our job and performing and stuff from our own personal life. It really is two separate things. It kind of makes it a little easier in that respect.

Easier to do what? Pretend you're not in (what could have been) the most awesome band of the 21st century? Way to enthuse.

The news here is that a CD and DVD will be out in October. I'm saving space on my shelf right next to Duke Nukem Forever.

There's no shortage of great bubblegum pop out there. I still owe CfB for turning me on to the jaw-dropping Skye Sweetnam (and, of course, for singlehandedly exposing the War on Lindsay). But Huckapoo filled a particular joy-of-artifice niche that will make them hard to replace.

Fortunately, faithful readers have been good enough to suggest a few worthy candidates. I'm not sure they're quite ready for blogtime, but feel free to weigh in on Girl Authority, The Po-Gos (placeholder video here?), and, of course, Thug A Boo.

B000E97HBM.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg thugaboo.jpg

[Thug A Boo link via Jeff Lange's review of the toon baby boom, worth reading all of -- if you can stomach Marvel Babies.]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Ha, Thug a Boo! I would also point to Devo 2.0, Bratz (three albums in two years, not bad!), and Trollz, who as far as I can tell have only one song -- "It's a Hair Thing." I can't find this song anywhere and lose sleep over it. There's Kidz Bop but they bring in, like, grown-ups. And of course there's Hannah Montana, whose adherence to her persona has helped her land two record deals, one real and one "fake" (i.e. real, for her character).

Skye just recorded with Max Martin and Dr. Luke Gottwald (of "Since U Been Gone" fame, Martin formerly of Britney/Backstreet/NSync/etc. fame), new single and album due out in a few months.

So how was the flight from Thailand? I heard they served you champagne!

Yeah, but Bill Gates was monitoring my every move.

Hey, Daniel, want some grownup girly pop for a change? I should come downstairs and let you rip my new Pipettes CD.

Update, Trollz have formed the Slumber Party Girls. Produced by Ron Fair, apparently, they have their own CBS kid's show.

My daughter is 7 years old and has seen Thug a Boo once and wants more. Please tell me how I can get the DVD. Thank You.

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