March 3, 2007

I have a great story about seeing her live, but you'll have to wait a year to hear it

After my Avril post, many of you asked how I survived a year in the Christian entertainment scene with no teen-punk pop tarts to drool over. Ladies and gents, I give you Krystal Meyers, the Christian Avril Lavigne.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I thought I'd heard Krystal Meyers, but I guess not...this is good! You're probably also familiar with the Christian Kelly Clarkson, Jessie Daniels, right? And Tiffany Giardina is pretty darn close to the Christian Hilary Duff ("Dream Away" is the Xtian "Wake Up," despite the fact that they're advocating very different responses to sleep).

And, what the heck, there's also Cali -- found her on Myspace before Disney did for their incubator feature -- has a great ambiguous Rapture song (an excellent subgenre of Xtian teenpop a la Avril/Skye pseudo-cheerleader in secular teenpop) called "Toodaloo Earth."

Isn't Avril Lavigne Christian--or at least born of Catholic parents? Would that make her the Christian Krystal Meyers? Maybe it'd be better to call Krystal Meyers the Avril Lavigne of Christian rock....

Just musing.

Contemporary Christian Music is defined by the audience and the record labels, radio stations and retailers. The religious belief or affiliation of the artist isn't a determinant. That is, all CCM artists are Christians (or at least profess to be) but not all Christian artists do CCM (which is what is required to earn the "she's the Christian XYZ" label).

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