February 23, 2007

The motherfuckin' princess


It's been a while since I had a hot chick at the top of the page, and I know you're not coming to this site for all that Hillary Clinton crap, so I went looking for an excuse and came up with the fact that the new Avril Lavigne single is only, like, the best pop song ever. Well, at least since whatstheirnames.

iTunes also has a Spanish version. Como se dice WTF en Espaņol?

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Posted by Daniel Radosh


It's also the best running song ever!

At least you're drooling over married women, now. A step up.

She does a turn as a video babe in Butch Walker's "Bethamphetamine." Just say no!

Did you completely pass over The Veronicas? Twins? Australian twins? "4ever" was a killer single.

I had my Veronicas moment.

Also, that marriage is never gonna last (He's like, so whatever).

How the Sims ever manage to procreate when the all have such bad teeth is beyond me.

I appreciate her taking the Cat-Power-in-the-New-Yorker approach but some pubic hair is best left unseen.

I mean hers, Avril Lavigne's.

Oh, like Avril has pubes. It's ink, as I'm sure you know.

Como se dice WTF en Espaņol?

I guess you'd pronounce it something like: "Doblayvay Tay Effay."

Avril's new song confuses me a bit...but there's something irresistably awesome about it. There's a tongue-in-cheek aspect to it that only Avril can really pull off. She sounds like a bouncier Alanis. Well, she always has been a bouncier Alanis, but this is like, bouncy-deluxe.

Agreement?? No? Si?

People are tattooing on fake pubic hair now? I guess it's less maintenance.

Ashley -- yes, her tongue is firmly in her cheek, which is part of the fun here. I wouldn't say she's the only girl who could pull this off -- I dig her and all, but I don't think she's particularly special in the scheme of things -- but that's always been part of her appeal. I never understood why people gave her a hard time for being a "phony" punk -- as if she was ever pretending to be Real.

And this song is certainly bouncy-deluxe.

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