February 15, 2006

Pop this up

If you've been seeing pop-up ads while visiting this site, there's an explanation. I put them there because I know everyone loves pop-up ads. Yay!

Oh wait, that's not it. What happened was this. Since the day I started this blog in July, 1988, I've been using a free stat counter called NedStat Basic. A few months ago, NedStat Basic became Webstats4u and "free" became "in exchange for littering your site with pop-ups." Now, I suppose I would have known this if I'd carefully read through the updated terms of service, but who does that? In fact, if you've been seeing pop-ups on other blogs, odds are those folks have no idea why either, so you might want to clue them in. Since the ads come and go, you might as well warn anyone whose blog displays this tell-tale counter image:


And if you happen to have a favorite free, and ad-free, stat counter, I'm in the market.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I use Sitemeter, which I believe is ad-free. (Hopefully I will not suddenly learn otherwise.)

sitemeter seems to be working well for me too.

Statcounter.com fills my vanity tracking needs to utter perfection and utterly invisible.

Learn it. Live it. Love it.

I used to be able to type coherent sentences, I just know it...

Sitemeter's been the best for me, as well.

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