August 12, 2004

Proof: Huckapoo are spawns of Satan

And we love 'em for it. Call it reason #13. Our girls' glowing eyes in this snapshot can only mean demonic posession. And that figure in the middle? Beelzebub himself! I should've known you have to sell your soul for talent like that.

Apparently the pic was snapped as a promo for the company that designed the cheerleader outfit being worn by Twiggy Stardom. (Warning: picture really not as hot as that makes it sound. And yet, typing "Twiggy Stardom" sure makes me wish there was HTML code for dotting i's with little hearts.)

Update: Is the world too full of hatred and cynicism for the joyful innocence that is Huckapoo? In addition to angry Duff fan James in the comments, Jamie seems to believe Camplified is all some sort of marketing ploy, and also notes, as is so fashionable these days, the fine line between poptart names and pornstar names (once and for all, people: PJ Bardot is not a pornstar name; that would be BJ Bardot).

Also, Cosloy adds that while reading the Times article, "I could literally feel myself turning into Carrie McLaren." Which I have to admit is a pretty funny line.

But don't worry, James, I certainly do intend to stay on the Huckapoo beat. The way I figure it, it shouldn't be too hard for this site the top result on a Google search within two months. And again, if you're new to the phenom, start here.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


As much as I hate "reality" television, I've got it - we one by one take "celebrities" and send them TO an island. Aaron Carter, Ashlee Simpson are first on my list

Start with the 'A's. Good plan.

But what does that have to do with genuine artists like Huckapoo?

"Artists," huh?

Their little "intros" on the website when you click on them make me think of the beginning of "Power Rangers" when they show each of the different characters being....different.

Plus, only one band per alphabet letter is allowed to be legit with a cheezy name at any one time, and I think Hoobastank would kick them off the VH1 countdown anyday.

what is the big deal with the girl band? must you waste time putting crap on them on the web? they are 14 year old girls who can sing compared to the great duff.. you waste time over something that is only out there for radio disney to play to little 10 year old girls and you think the 3 people posting comments means you should keep an update on this.. and for some reason you think that the guy in the pic is aaron carter? wtf is wrong with u

Well, he's certainly a pretty good lookalike if he's not.

As for Radio Disney, unfortunately these bands span much further than Radio Disney reaches. And Radio Disney brings such pain and suffering to parents everywhere, don'tcha know?

Dan: You need to fix the code on "start here." Thanks.

That's not aaron carter in the picture, dumbass. That's exband member Chris from dream street. Maybe if you didn't spend your life thinking of ways to trash others you would know that.

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