August 10, 2004

If Tom Cruise can wear a white fright wig, why not Lindsay Lohan?


OK, Maybe this isn't the job for LiLo, but Kevin G. e-mailed me regarding the poor casting of Mary Jane in the Spider-Man movies and asking if it isn't time to bring Gwen Stacy into the cinematic mix.

Now, I always thought the filmmakers erred in not making Gwen a character from the beginning. They missed the opportunity for what Kevin called the most compelling romantic triangle in comicdom, and, of course, for the greatest superhero story ever told, period.

But you can't just introduce Gwen now. MJ holds the place in audiences' hearts that Gwen did for comic book readers, which means that MJ would have to be the one to die, and if you're going to do that (not a terrible idea, I might add -- for emotional and narrative purposes, not because I dislike Kirsten Dunst that that much) why bring Gwen in at all? She'd just come off as a Mary Jane replacement.

But the Spider-Man 2 Xbox adaptation (quite possibly my favorite video game ever, incidentally) suggests an alternate estrogen booster for the series: Black Cat. Think about it. She's the femme fatale to MJ's girl next door, appealing to Spider-Man the way MJ does to Peter Parker. It's not only a triangle, it's a, um, square.

Really the only question is, who should play her?

What's so great about the Spider-Man 2 video game. Not the graphics, which, while state-of-the-art, are clearly going to look amateurish in a year or two. No, it's the utterly exhilierating feeling of swinging all around Manhattan. Honestly, I can't even walk down the street anymore without wanting to leap into the air and start web-zipping over Broadway.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


I was digging the Spider-Man game as well. Zipping through Manhattan was pretty amazing. And though I like how the play has that open-ended GTA style, there's just not enough diversity in the stuff to do. But as far as mission-based stuff, the Mysterio bits are very funny.

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