August 4, 2004

She can call me tiger anytime

Spending a week without television or Internet focuses the mind. Without having to waste energy on, say, the Democratic Convention, one's thoughts turn to life's more essential questions: Why are we here? Where are we going? Who should have really played Mary Jane in the Spider-Man movies?


Don't misunderstand — I love me some Kirsten Dunst. She's easy on the eyes and, if anything, underrated as an actress. But while the movies were so true to the comic books in every other important way, KD just isn't the MJ we know and love. Dunst's heavy-lidded girl-next-door dreaminess has its charms, but Mary Jane is a spunky, street-smart fashion model.

Gina and I tossed around some casting ideas — Jessica Alba looks good as a redhead, as does SMG — but then I got home and saw the new Rolling Stone cover and it was like getting hit with an obvs stick.

mcfarlane_mj3.jpg Lindsay_Lohan.jpg

There's some question about whether LiLo can tone down the goofiness and toughen up a little (and also, I suppose, about whether she's truly model-hot), but I haven't heard any better ideas. At least her boobies would have been as big as Alfred Molina's.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


MJ in Ultimate Spider-Man isn't quite that much of a ho. (I'm referring to the MJ art, not Ms. Lohan, who I respectfully implore once again to call me. You're forgiven for all that unpleasantness with the restraining order.)

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