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April 24, 2003

One of the nicest things

Daniel Radosh

One of the nicest things about being an editor rather than just a writer is that now when I have an idea for something that would make a good story, but that I don't actually want to write, I can just assign it. Yeah, I know you editors are saying, "duh," but until this I'd often thought I should just create a web site where I list all the ideas I have that I never got around to doing. The knowledge that nobody on earth would be interested in such a site stopped me. The Half Bakery, however, has done me one better. Here people can submit any, you know, half-baked ideas for stories, TV shows, products, services, trends, etc., and everyone gets to vote on them. Some ideas actually seem eminently feasible, others are just dumbass, and there are far too many Discordian jokes that I would've found hilarious in high school. But as an idea for a Web site, The Half Bakery is at least three quarters baked.

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