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April 30, 2003

Former Modern Humorist designated hitter

Daniel Radosh

Former Modern Humorist designated hitter Chris Painter now writes for the syndicated TV show She Spies, which seems to be a pretty sweet gig in that as far as I can tell he only has to write about two episodes a year. His last one was the first episode I'd ever watched, and to my pleasant surprise it was surprisingly pleasant. Funny, arch meta-jokes. Clever, Sorkin-esque banter. Gratifying lack of Sorkin-esque self-seriousness. And a triple serving of good old American T&A. You could certainly do worse than to set your Replay for his Chris' new episode, Damsels in De-Stress (set at a spa, get it?), which airs in New York on channel 4, Sunday at midnight and elsewhere at other times.

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