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April 30, 2003

Radosh on your newsstand.

Daniel Radosh

The June issue of Playboy contains a one-pager I wrote on kids books about guns. I think you will like it.

The updating of Playboy is progressing quite nicely, I think. Sure, they need to lose the crappy cartoons and the c-list celebs, but beyond that there are some real noteworthy changes. The new front of the book section looks great, and is a lot more coherent and interesting than it's been in years (kudos to Chris Napolitano and his team for that). There are features I'm actually looking forward to reading, and even the pictorials have a less artificial, more modern look (though they have a ways to go before they're half as sexy as anything in Maxim). I've always said this battleship could be turned around, though I still suspect Hef will have to die before it can do a full 360.

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