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June 11, 2003

The new issue of Radar

Daniel Radosh

The new issue of Radar is on newsstands in most places where people care about the new issue of Radar. Naturally there's less buzz this time around, which is too bad because this issue is better than the first one. By that I mean not only that my own column has been given more space (you'll actually find it without me having to point it out), but also that the mix of funny and smart is significantly tighter. For funny, I love Stephen Sherrill's fashion spread captions, the gay animals chart, and the Spy-esque prank that accompanies the B-List Nation cover story. For smart -- well, I haven't actually read any of the longer stories yet, but the Girls Gone Wild investigation looks juicy.

Other than my column and a one-pager that got bumped, I had a bit of input here and there, notably working with the incomparable Gersh Kuntzman on his ice cream taste test (liberal and conservative pundits compare Ben & Jerry's and Star Spangled), and securing Mike Savage's fan letters to Allen Ginsberg (guess that makes me one of the "gay fascists" Savage says is orchestrating a "smear campaign"). And Francis Heaney has a clever (un-bylined) list of headlines that gets more and more timely by the day. I look forward to hearing what you think.

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