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December 11, 2003

Rachel writes:

Daniel Radosh

Greenport has been nominated as a finalist in the AMERICAN DREAMTOWN, USA 2004. I have no idea what that actually means but publicity is publicity. We are competing with Cooperstown and Tarrytown for New York State American Dreamtown - and if we win, are then eligible to be THE American Dreamtown - YIPPIE!

Log onto the American Dream Town site and VOTE.

Let's kick Cooperstown ASS. Help HUMILIATE Tarrytown. Nobody is as American or Dreamy or Towny as GREENPORT! If you don't believe me log onto our official website — we have a carosel! What's more American Dreamy Town than that? And if you have time, check out Verbena [her store, from which Milo & Margalit received some charming welcome-to-earth presents] — lots of cool holiday gifts STILL available.

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