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December 16, 2003

But if you ask someone

Daniel Radosh

But if you ask someone who wanted the kid to die, big success!
"A Montgomery County first-grader who died of a flu-related illness Dec. 5 was the first North Carolina child to die of the flu this season, officials said last week.

Beth Rowe-West, head of the immunization branch of the state Division of Public Health, said the Wake County victim's flu appeared to be mild, probably because he had been vaccinated.

'In this case, the secondary infection proved deadly,' she said.
State health officials were reluctant to call the vaccine a failure in the case of the Cary child because the shot did appear to lessen the youngster's symptoms. Still, the shot did not prevent the illness, and as a result, he was susceptible to the pneumococcal infection.

'In that sense, if you ask the parents, it was a failure,' said Dr. Jeffrey Engel, state epidemiologist."

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