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January 23, 2004

Wonkette like a Polaroid picture

Daniel Radosh

By now you've heard about the Denton empire's hot new blog on the block (blogk?), Wonkette. What you may not have picked up on is that the proprietor of this DC politico-gossip bitchfest is Ana Marie Cox, formerly known as The Antic Muse. As good as TAM was, Wonkette is better. It is not too early, in fact, to declare it the best politics blog out there.

Here are just a few reasons why:

Wonkette on herself: "I am a confirmed bad employment risk with a hat trick of failed dot-coms under my belt: Maybe you've invested in them? Suck.com? Feed.com? Inside.com? I'd link to them, but they don't exist anymore! My bad."

Wonkette on her site: "If you look over to your right there, you will see the official description of Wonkette (the one our boss wrote): 'Wonkette is an online roundup of gossip from Washington, DC and the US political arena.' It's hard to believe you could actually fall asleep reading something so short, no?

Wonkette on the President of the United States: "What's really worrisome about the "Remarks to the President to the Press Pool" [is] that the world's largest economy is in the hands of someone whose grasp of fiduciary theory can essentially be reduced to 'I have two apples. If I take one apple and give it to you. . .' We kid. Of course he doesn't think that way! Why should the government give away apples to people who don't work? Fucking apple queens."

Bookmark. Enjoy.

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