August 13, 2009

David F gets his due

Over at Emdashes, New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff offers a tribute to David Marc Fischer, who never won the magazine's contest, but never gave up trying.

Upon learning of this lovely man's untimely passing, I went back and meticulously reviewed all of his entries, looking for the one that would best honor him and his devotion to the contest. I think this one, from contest 150, fits the bill.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


that was really nice of you. You're going to ruin your rep.


Mine was better than that.

i actually laughed out loud at that one. i think you do the man proud, Radosh.




Sweet. Somewhere David is smiling.

May David and Daniel both rest in peace.

Why do I look at the cartoon and think the woman is saying "Fred, it's only been 2 weeks since Radosh posted a caption contest. Just be patient!"

I will miss Daniel's captions.

... and David's comments.

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