June 26, 2009

Let's just hope Bil Keane hangs on two more weeks

Just as posting has begun to pick up speed around here and it's beginning to seem like I wrote my own blogituary prematurely, I'm taking off for a summer break. This could be good news. I mean, it's definitely good news for me, suckers, but it could be good news for readers of this site as well, because I've invited several extremely capable and funny people to guest blog in my absence. You may remember the terrific stuff they came up with last summer. It kind of put me to shame.

On the other hand this could be bad news, since none of them have actually, formally accepted the invitation. Including the guy who's supposed to be handling the anticaption contest. If it doesn't show up here, I'm sure you'll be able to find it somewhere.

Either way, when I return I should have more time for blogging that I have in a while, so whether it's tomorrow or after July 13, this blog's best days are ahead of it.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


Very happy to receive assurances about the future of the world's only amusing blog!

If you're looking to al in la as fallback for the antiucaption contest coverage, be aware that he hasn't posted anything in a few weeks. He may be in need of his own bogituary, which would be "Why not radosh.net"?

Johnny B.:

Think of me as a mid-inning relief pitcher: seldom used but sitting in the bullpen munching sunflower seeds ready for action. If the NYer anti-cap cartoon does not materiaize here it will be on my blog. Sorry I have not been active recently.

(If you must know: My cable package was recently upgraded and the pool in my condo is open, so I've had a lot on my plate.)

i'm on it.

My invite got lost in the mail.

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