April 15, 2009

Why not Bil Keane?

66AC6CE5A68B36598A14FA9285C9.jpg "The book is sleazy trash, but it should be in every medium-sized library in the United States." —Judith Krug, 1940-2009.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


seriously, WHY NOT BIL KEANE.

judith krug did important work, with good humor. may her family be comforted.

I heart the phrase "First Amendment Fundamentalist".

Ironically, book burning appears to be making a comeback.


My first thought seeing the photo was that if it can't be Bil Keana, Madonna would be a reasonable second best.

Oh, what a sad loss for mankind. We even lost Marilyn Chambers, too. Will this blog remain salient enough in exposing all the cooked, mythical numbers that governments use to foist ever-expanding, more-intrusive laws that serve to enslave us? Radosh has been on that front line fighting that travesty, nearly as long as I can remember.

But of course governments will oppress people to the full extent that any available technology allows them to. Laws will follow every advance of each technology, right along with the necessary panoply of lies, frauds and deceits, to create and enforce them.

It looks like she went poopie in her cha cha.

"Best book I ever came across!"

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