December 12, 2008

Why not Bil Keane?


Complete Bettie

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I'm not necessarily a radosh newbie, but I don't understand the Bil Keane reference? I know who he is, but don't get...

Radosh has previously explained that he constantly fantasizes about Bil Keane in scanty underwear. He was expressing his frustration that the photo has Bettie Page in it instead of Bil.

er, Bettie

Don't tease the not-necessarily-noobs, Vance.

"Why Not Bil Keane?" is Radosh's way of saying "RIP," xjvpastor. The idea is that, in a just world, Bil Keane would be dead and this person, who has just passed away, would still be alive.

anyone familiar with keane's work knows that the dead (especially grandparents) walk among us.

How about in this case "Why not that from-the-getgo-no-talent, fascist-fluffing, geriatric ho Zsa Zsa Gabor?" Hag only continues to breathe as an excuse for TMZ to cover the Z-list exploits of her cheesy gold digger husband "Prince" Von A-Hole.

Thanks, Tabin

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