November 5, 2008

How fun are the next four years going to be?

Obama's not even in office yet and the wingnuts are already screaming for impeachment.

You know what, Bill Kristol? I've thought it over and I'm really not inclined to help cheer you up. Go wallow in your misery, you putz.

Update: Savor this, Peggy.

The Democrats have lost their leader in the Senate, Tom Daschle. I do not know what the Democratic Party spent, in toto, on the 2004 election, but what they seem to have gotten for it is Barack Obama. Let us savor.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Mmmm, as far as I can tell, the petition has been around for some months and has been calling for his impeachment as a senator. Still, it's a fine example of wingnuttery, especially the comments of the signatories. For you have always the scary with you . . .

speaking of wingnuts, it looks like we haven't heard the last of Ted Stevens yet. perhaps this really was the people of Alaska telling the rest of us to F@&# Off for the way their Governor has been slapped around the past 2 months. or maybe felony convictions just aren't the barriers to elected office that they once were (hey, just like race! maybe we are moving forward as a society! maybe Willie Horton can get an appointment within the Bureau of Prisons or something).

meanwhile, it looks like the people of California have succeeded in their banning of the Spin Doctors' "Two Princes". it's about time.


I live in a heavily Republican suburb of Los Angeles. It took my wife and I all of 5 minutes to vote. Friends in L.A. say it took 2 to 3 hours.

Brett Hume's demeanor mirrored that of Walter Chronkite on Nov. 22, 1963.(I watched Fox just to see if we made them cry.)

I was never more proud to be an American!

What I love about Kristol is that he's a New Yorker who attended Collegiate School, then Harvard, then Harvard again for a Ph.D., yet teams up with blatant morons like Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin to further the cause.

I don't think "teams up" is the phrase. More like he wraps his suckers around them.

Kristol was Alan Keyes roommate at Harvard and ran Keyes' 1988 senate campaign. Douche then, douche now.

And by the way, when one considers the legions of world class genocidal career criminals and their lackies that Harvard and Yale have systematically produced in the past century, isn't it time we stopped thinking of these toxic shitholes with any degree of respect? Harvard and Yale are training grounds and recruiting centers for the FSMA: Future Slavemasters of America.

The last president to speak seriously about dismantling the CIA/Federal Reserve thugocracy was JFK. Bang bang, followed by universal mainstream media cover-up.

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