November 5, 2008

Yes we can

"It's been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America."


Posted by Daniel Radosh


Sam Cooke lives!

Oh by the way, did you notice? He's going to be a bending-over-backwards compromising moderate. Going to make Jimmy Carter and W.J. Clinton look like some bomb-throwing anarchist badasses.

Don't think so? Bet me.

Here's hoping, Milan.

Buzzkill alert.

Good cop time begins. If only Obama really were a socialist revolutionary. Sliding off his honeyed tongue, higher taxes, lowered expectations, military adventures, even martial law will sound reasonable and beneficial. He has announced his intention to continue the phony Osama Bin Laden narrative and Michele is CFR, hence he appears to be just another errand boy for the usual Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Banking Complex suspects.

The social benefit of his racial mix, empathy, youth and oratory skill (though Bush is the easiest act to follow) provides a momentary feelgood and inspiration to kids. I voted for him for all that, even though that pretty charisma drag is the perfect smokescreen for business as usual.


You can bitch if you want, fellas, but the fact is that a John McCain victory would've effectively ended this country, and Barack Obama at least gives us a chance. If nothing else, he's a step in the right direction towards the America in which I ultimately want to live. Right now, that's more than enough.

Amen, anonymous. I don't know anyone other than Sarah Palin who thinks Obama will be a left wing revolutionary. Why should it surprise anyone if he turns out to be a moderate? He *ran* as a moderate. A little moderation might be good for the country after eight years of radical extremism.

And unlike most conservatives, who built a cult of personality around George Bush, backing him resolutely even as he destroyed every principle the Republican Party once stood for (not to mention America), liberals will challenge and pressure Obama constantly, as well they should. The fight doesn't end on election day.

For the moment, however, its worth pausing to reflect not only on the historic moment, but on the enormous promise that suddenly lies before us after seven years in which the future felt impenetrably dismal. If we can do this, who's to say we can't do anything?

To atone for my earlier trolling (must have been drinking at night again!), let me say that I love me some Ol' Big Ears and am looking for him to do serious remedial work on the Constitution-upholding front, instead of getting DoJ lawyers to write memos on how many clauses in the Bill of Rights you can find ways to get around.
-- Also, I'm a moderate, too. And everybody is from his own point of view, but still.

PS By the way, speaking of upholding the Constitution puts me in mind of upheaving the Constitution. Who is going to be watching Dick Cheney for us between now and 20 Jan 09 ...?

You nailed it brilliantly, J.D.

If I might add:

"But warden, I don't want a lobotomy!"


"But Reverend Jones, I don't want to drink the Kool-Aid!"

"Business as usual" under the Bush administration is a string of at best half-truths, secrecy, and fear-mongering. I fully expect Obama to shift this to 3/4 truths, partial disclosure, and occasional hope-mongering. I have to believe domestic and international politics will be noticeably changed by this shift, despite Obama not being the hardcore socialist he is portrayed to be by some.

Obama charms and orates beautifully. Clinton was our darling and sang a pretty tune while giving us NAFTA, Don't Ask Don't Tell, and barbequing children at Waco in order to protect them (but Janet Reno cried realistic tears over their tiny charred bodies so it's cool). Speaking of which, Joe Biden on the Senate committee investigating Waco did his best to browbeat and interrupt any witness who might lead to the facts of that unmitigated slaughter of innocents.

Meanwhile the US government still borrows mystical made up money from the Federal Reserve at interest instead of just printing it, and pays off this phony debt with the proceeds of the federal personal income tax. All this talk of federal income taxes paying for this or that is absolute fantasy.

The Federal Reserve's propaganda arm, the Council on Foreign Relations, makes sure media and academia keep the truth hidden. Private central banking crime syndicates own our ass. We are as gnats to them. The CIA, FBI and ATF are their death squads. When a president doesn't get his head blown off, it means he is either an idiot or their errand boy, or at least terrified of them enough to not rock the boat.

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