October 27, 2008

Within your rights to bite

"At this point in the history of the vampire movie, you just hope for new twists on old themes rather than something completely original, but "Let the Right One In," the discovery of this year's Tribeca festival, arrives in theaters as a terrific Halloween surprise." —Andrew O'Hehir

Metacritic score: 78. Can anyone back that up?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Saw it at Fantastic Fest in Austin, and yes, it's all that. Climactic sequence is a jaw-dropper. O'Hehir sums it up well.

Yepp, it's good, though I liked the novel even more. Warm and moving, with a few scary scenes mixed in.

And not for nothing, but Entertainment Weekly's hard-working Owen Glieberman didn't like anything in the October 31 issue. Clint Eastwood and Charlie Kaufman will likely overcome their OG/EW grades of C and D+, respectively. But in his "damn Lisa for taking the week off" review of "Let the Right One In," he seems to have barely paid attention to the movie, which he grudgingly awards a C.

I saw it at Tribeca. It was fantastic.

full review from the festival here:

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