September 18, 2008

Actually, I could get behind a ban on the word "tweet"

Self-censorship 2.0? When Rocky Mountain News microblogged the Democratic Convention last month, one reporter unthinkingly used the word "fucker," Westworld reports.

...but unlike a blog, which allows users to simply delete passages, Twitter is a live feed. As a result, Rocky techies decided that the fastest and most effective way to get rid of the "fucker" would be to have other staffers start sending in "tweets," as individual Twitter posts are called, until the new entries physically pushed the problematic term off the screen. One person reports that a Twitterer told to text something ASAP responded by sending the word "something."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


A pity the other staffers probably liked their job enough to not send in "asshole", "shithead"...

Um, you can delete Tweets.

Sure, it *is* a live feed, but then again, so is a blog post, what with RSS feeds and all.

I hate to be the grammer police here but it's westword, not westworld.


I hate to be the grammar police of your own comment but it's spelled grammar, not grammer.

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