September 12, 2008

McCain slips up in death-bed interview

In a shameless attempt to delude America into believing that he is not a very, very old man who is at death's door, John McCain yesterday said his latest alleged clean bill of health from his dermatologist came out of a routine office visit, and that he did not make the appointment in a panic because he could see the Reaper on his tail.

Fair enough! But he perhaps used an unfortunate way to express that: "Like most Americans, I go see my doctor fairly frequently."

Ah, to live in John McCain's America. According to a new report, "Nearly a quarter of Americans have reduced the number of times they see their doctor because they want to save money in these tough economic times... Eleven percent of those surveyed also said they had cut back the number of prescription drugs they take or the dosage of those medications to make the prescription last longer." (Of course, cutting back on prescription drugs isn't always a bad idea!)

But don't worry, America. As long as you already have good health insurance, John McCain will help you out by taxing it. Wait, what?

To be fair — I'm nothing if not fair — John is correct that the average really, really old American sees his doctor 7.4 times a year. People who are not decaying before our eyes or infants, however, average three or four visits a year, which, sure, could be considered "fairly frequently," though keep in mind that this counts emergency room visits.

Of course, as one of McCain's now former health care advisers suggests, being able to go to the ER is pretty much the same as having insurance.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Reminds me a something funny I once said (and as I wait for 5 pm here at work on a Friday, I thought I'd share):

An old girl friend had a womanly problem that required minor surgery ('nuff said). When I visited her in the hospital a few of her friends were already there. With mock sadness she greeted me by saying: "Honey, my gynecologist says no sex for 6 to 8 weeks!"

With out missing a beat I replied: "What does your dentist say?"

True story.

(Have a great weekend--Go USC!!)

Does Playboy pay for those party jokes, I wonder?

Ripe fodder for a McCain attack ad:

"John McCain. He so out of touch, he needs to have his head examined once a month"

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