September 3, 2008

Boy the way Glenn Miller played...

Here's a quaint headline from a more innocent time.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Sarah Palin

Oh, look, her favorite meal is moose stew. Anything else we need to know, oh voice from the distant past?

Bonus: Can this be real?


Posted by Daniel Radosh


They left "Burn after reading" off the marquee.

No, it's an obvious fake. No one would ever remake Death Race 2000 without Paul Bartel at the helm.

No, it's an obvious fake. No one would ever wish Sarah Palin good luck.

No, fake; no one under 13 should ever be admitted to Mamma Mia even with a parent or guardian.

So... there's only one area code in Alaska?

Pessimist: Yep. But don't worry, it's as much work as being governor of a state with four area codes.

Also, those are the movies it's showing right now. I suspect this is legit.

This one, at any rate, is for real.

(I know, as a magazine cover it would've made more sense on the last post, but that thread has nothing to do with the illustration.)

Contrary to the NY Times version, this is actualy how the selection process went down:

2004: Tina Fey poses with John McCain... 4 years later she stars in Baby Mama... intrigued, McCain reaches for the phone and calls Sarah Palin... the Friday before Labor Day, the big announcement is made: we're all getting free tickets to Disaster Movie!

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