August 29, 2008


Say what you will about McCain's surprise pick for VP, but at least you know he'll be invaluable when it comes to the debates.

Posted by Vance


But can she spell potatoe?

More importantly, can she spell "blamonge"?

Headline I'd like to see:

"McCain Unveils Cunning Stunt for VP"

Did you see her Vogue cover? Just call her Vice President MILF!

(Not that she's gonna win, but isn't it nice to finally have a major party presidential canidate who's spank-bank-worthy?)

More importantly, can she spell "blamonge"?


Ooooh, the correct spelling of blancmange? Well aren't we all educated and cultivated? No more buttered scones for me, mama, I'm off to play the grand piah-no!

Just call her Vice President MILF!

Or, shorter...

this cunning stunt will soon be seen as the moment the republicans finally jumped the shark

Maybe the hottest VP ever but still only the second-hottest governor. Jennifer Granholm beats her by a mile. Unfortunately she was born in Canada so she will never rule us with an iron grip. At least not collectively.


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