August 19, 2008

American Bi

Hot chicks are kissing each other everywhere you turn, and naturally The Sun is there. That gratuitous photo-compilation, part of the time-honored journalistic tradition of simultaneously fretting about pop cultural depravity and reveling in it, is hooked to the popularity of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl."

What's interesting about Perry's overplayed bisexual anthem is how unabashedly skanky it is. Jill Sobule scored a hit back in the 90s with a song also called "I Kissed a Girl," which also features a protagonist with a boyfriend expanding her sexual horizons.

I think Sobule's song is superior, but that's a subjective judgment (hey, some people like their pop songs over-produced and screamy). But it's also a lot different in tone: It's about close friends spending an evening in, discussing their unsatisfying relationships, and then crossing a physical boundary. Perry's song is about a couple of drunken sluts anonymously hooking up at a bar. Hasn't David Brooks phoned in a column about this yet?

Posted by John Tabin


How did you fail to illustrate the post with this photo?

A little young for my taste. Don't worry, Radosh will be back in a couple of weeks.

Too young? According to the Olympic Committee they're both 28.

Is the new song supposed to be a raunchy version of the old song, or is it just borderline plagiarism? I see the sluts vs. friends angle, but other than that it's a thin line.
Either way, chicks kissing each other is hot.

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