August 19, 2008

Administrative Note

Dear Radosh.net readers and guest bloggers,

This site's RSS feed now indicates, for entries by anyone other than DLR, the name of the author. We had the technology.

Also, is anyone reading the New York Times's Olympics coverage? It appears to be copyedited by: nobody. It's a treasure trove of Media Moments. Case in point:

...and the vocal fans let loose a chorus of chants and screams as the Lenny Kravitz song “American Women” played over the loudspeaker.

Somewhere, [insert name of good writer who used to write for the NYT] is turning over in his [insert burial destination preferred by same].

Posted by Kevin Shay


I thought there was hope when I read their on-line soccer coverage and saw this headline:

"Argentina Heads to Final After Beating Brazil"

I'm thinking a player used his noggin to score the winning goal, hence the "heads to finals." Great word play!

Than I read the story. It was not to be. Just an unintended pun no doubt poured fourth by some burnout on the overnight sports desk.

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