August 8, 2008

They'll also reach around your undercarriage

Confounding self-censorship of the day, from the Chicago Daily Herald:

Some newer car washes are "touchless."

At others, a towel crew cleans the vehicle "by hand."

An Elgin car wash owner has landed in hot water over a message on her sidewalk marquee that said they do the best work in town for the latter category.

Rosie Martinez, front office manager at the Elgin Car Wash, 313 Dundee Ave., said the phrase is widely accepted lingo in the car wash industry.

"You can Google it. You'll see T-shirts, you'll see signs," Martinez said.

To make sense of this article, you have to read those hussies at UPI, who shamelessly use the disputed phrase in their headline. Or, as Martinez suggests, you can Google it, where you'll find that it's not so much "accepted lingo in the car wash industry" as "a hacky joke that dozens of car washes have used before."


[h/t: Kevin G]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


To be fair, maybe the entire car wash industry is made up of jokey hacks.

I spotted some frustrating self censorship in the Boston Globe today, in an interview with mumblecore ingenue Greta Gerwig. She talks about creating her character in "Baghead."

"I think when I sat down with them, I said, 'I think Michelle is the kind of girl who really likes to say [expletive].'"

I have no idea what kind of girl she's talking about.

Some people, of course, prefer to wash their cars themselves. Though I have heard it can make you go blind.

Actually, I've been there and the girls there really DO give an outstanding hand job. I'm not sure I've ever gotten a car washed there...

Wax on
Wax off

No wonder Jim Croce had those steadily depressing, low-down, mind-messing, working at the car wash blues!

The cars are dried with the most powerful fan around. Best blow-job in town.

[Insert "rims" joke here]

Well, at least the story has a happy ending.

Perhaps they were inspired by this London carwash: http://flickr.com/photos/susanalways/2350606266/

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