August 7, 2008

Cross my heart

1019-b.jpg When we last left off, the Colombian government had "categorically denied" that commandos had worn Red Cross symbols during the July 2 hostage rescue, which would be a violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Two days later, President Alvaro Uribe admitted there was a category the government hadn't considered: a nervous soldier "mistakenly and contrary to orders" donning the symbol at the last minute.

Today, the Red Cross announced that it has seen new footage showing the solider wearing the Red Cross symbol at the beginning of the mission, something the military was aware of when Uribe made his deceptive comments. "It seems to be a deliberate improper use of the emblem," says the Red Cross. Uribe blames the military for the "lie."

Posted by Daniel Radosh



I'd like to violate her Geneva Conventions.

Hellooooo, Nurse!

I get the feeling that a post on advances in micro-biology on this site would include a pic of a scantily clad babe (In a lab coat no doubt.)

Keep up the good work!

I'm not sure anyone would have found her believable as a FARC rebel. The Red Cross bikini was probably the way to go.

Hell, I'd like to FARC...oh, never mind..

"Radosh.net... I only read it for the articles."

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