June 6, 2008

Apparently this site is now your clearinghouse for anti versions of anything in The New Yorker

Ted Frank submits the following:

From the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times.

Twelve federal jurors drew the line Thursday for Tampa Bay area residents, saying the graphic and violent films of a Hollywood pornographer are unacceptable in their community. They reached that decision after watching 81/2 hours of extreme pornography on a giant screen in court. At times, they winced as an adult film producer who calls himself Max Hardcore performed in scenes that included urinating, vomiting and violently dominating women.

That's a hell of a urethra.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


My cynical take is that this post is a thinly veiled effort by Radosh to flex his macho bona fides and change the subject from the previous post. (Canít say I blame him)

One question: Why do we get vid of Dan in his pink shirt yakking away, but not even a sample of the vids introducing as evidence in that Florida courtroom? (Talk about mis-reading your audience!)

what does this have to do with the new yorker?

Ditto on the new yorker question, plus I don't quite get the urethra ref. other than it being a part of the body necessary for hardcore porn.

Is this one of those things you have to be gay to understand?

Oh noes, dont let this get ugly like the short clique girl.

Oh, and on the urethra, I think Mr. Hardcore is known for attempting to put out the eyes of his victims, err, sex partners, with his strong urethra.

Vance -- youofallpeople should get this punctuation-based joke! Read the last sentence again with an eye for ambiguity.

The New Yorker calls these newsbreaks. They run in small print, usually at the end of the last feature in each issue.

How fucking macho is it that I know that?

One of my proudest moments involved receiving an answering machine message from Max Hardcore at my former place of work. I can't remember what it was about, but it ended, "Have yourself a good goddamn day."

That's a hell of a urethra.

Not to mention one hell of an esophagus.

Still, I say it's gay and I say the hell with it.

Was anyone in court wearing handcuffs?

OK, I guess if you were working at it you could connect "urinating..." and "...women," but it seems like a lot of work. Which I guess it is, unless your Max Hardcore.

But this prolonged discussion has served its purpose, to restore your hetero bona fides street cred, so I feel my work here is done.

Unless my Max Hardcore what?

I still don't get it.

Unless your Max Hardcore has a bigger urethra than mine.* Sorry I didn't spell that out.

In further punctuation/editing news, it appears that strikethru is not supported here. "Bona fides" was supposed to be struck out in favor of "street cred."

* Yes, I do mean "my urethra."

Um...a-huh...ah...wow...he said 'bona.'

That is so gay.


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