May 26, 2008

What about a stealth gay muslim?

A new web site has gone up under the URL isbarackobamamuslim.com. The idea is clearly to capture people Googling that question in order to give them the one word answer: "No." Clever... but the word "No" is followed by a series of strange numbers in brackets. Oh, those are footnotes. They take you to citations of articles disproving the "stealth muslim" rumor. But come on, footnotes are the invention of elitists -- the exact same elitists who are trying to trick hard-Googling white Americans into believing that Obama isn't a Muslim. Having those high-falutin' numbers there pretty much destroys your credibility with anyone you might be trying to reach.

The new site is not yet the top Google result for "Is Barack Obama a Muslim?" That honor goes to the About.com urban legends site, where the rumor is carefully refuted. So is it persuasive? Here's the results of a poll that About.com is running on the very site that disproves the notion that Obama is a stealth Muslim.


When will liberal elites give up this idealistic nonsense about educating the electorate? Better to embrace the realization that anyone who believes this should be pretty easily persuaded that the secret Muslim rulers of the USA have moved election day to November 5.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


There seems to be a divide between smart and stupid here in the USA. One day maybe it will be possible to separate individuals into smart and stupid groups according to a test. I don't know who would create the test, but a poll question like the one shown above could be made into one of the test questions. For example, anyone found to be stupid should be seperated and sent away on trains.

Anyone who votes in an Internet poll at all goes in the stupid column.

[an imaginary quote from bazarro universe Bill Gates]
"Too many young people know how to use computers these days."

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