May 23, 2008

You know what else we remember? Vince Foster

Ya know, after this, I don't think Obama would really feel safe having Hillary Clinton as his vice president.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


It's his own fault if he doesn't know how to dodge sniper fire.

After an awkward pause Sen. Clinton added, "Well...I'm just saying it's not unprecedented."

1) Hillary Clinton was just trying to say that her husband getting the Democratic nomination was a tragedy comparable Robert Kennedy being assassinated.
2) Why have politicians not figured out that no one accepts their "if I have offended anyone, I am sorry they were offended. Besides, you really just misunderstood me." apologies. No one ever says, "what I said was wrong, it offended people and I'm sorry I said it."

I'm also angry that Hillary brought that up because I just don't want to have to live that day again, you know what I mean?

Just another idiotic distraction at the circus. Little that goes on in a primary is remembered by most.

All this comes down to Hillary flubbing her lines in her role as a campaign actor. The question is: How does this kind of thing bode for her presidential judgement. Don't all politicians miss a step once in a while when dancing for the public?

Another funny thing is her assertion that Bill didn't clinch the nomination until June. Clinton had such a commanding lead in March that Tsongas dropped out. He technically didn't get all the delegates he needed until June, but by that time it had been mere formality for months.

I think the Bosnia quip was worse because in involved aggrandizement.

And why, let's remember, was RFK campaigning in June? Because in 1968, the California primary was in June. Is the California primary in June this year? I don't think so...

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