May 21, 2008

The future of American foreign policy is hanging on one really awful cartoon caption

Let's be clear. John McCain's "gaffe" about who runs Iran is no gaffe. He's well aware that the mullahs have the power. He's just, as Blickstein writes, "muddying reality in order to beat the politically expedient drum of fear." Mocking anyone who questions him is just Bush-flavored icing on the cake. (And as we all know, the cake is a lie.)

In the next election, Americans will get to decide if they want a president who will actually pursue polices that lead to greater safety and security for the United States and the world, or if they'd rather stick with somebody who thinks it's more important to "talk tough."

Obama used exactly the right word when he called McCain's foreign policy "naive." That raised hopes that Obama might really champion the policy power blogger Matthew Yglesias identifies as liberal internationalism in his new book, Heads in the Sand: How the Republicans Screw Up Foreign Policy and Foreign Policy Screws Up the Democrats.

I have the book in my to-read pile, and since you probably should to, I'm pleased to announce that Matt has donated a copy as a prize for next week's anti-caption contest. Let's hope nobody blows up the world before then.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


>>Let's hope nobody blows up the world before then.

I'm beginning to think that wouldn't be a terrible idea.

Why so cheap?

Everyone knows the "Finalists" and "Honorable Mentions" are always funnier that the "Winners." How about awarding a few books?

Also, anyway Matt could sign it? (Could increase its ebay value.)

The book is signed! But somehow when Matt donated it, I forgot to reply, "why so cheap?" My bad.

Contra HuffPo, Khamanei is just as flagrant an anti-Semite as Ahmadinejad -- and in any case, Obama has repeatedly doubled down when challenged on meeting with Ahmadinejad.

Matt's book is uproariously hilarious -- he thinks the Democrats would have done better in 2002 by running to the left on foreign policy! -- but I already have a copy, so if by any chance I win the caption contest give it to the runner up.

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