May 9, 2008

The unmaking of John McCain

Andrew is right that no matter whether John McCain convinces you that Arianna Huffington and the cast of the West Wing are all lying, we've still got a cable news story (as opposed to a real news story) about John McCain's dinner with Arianna Huffington and the cast of the West Wing — at Candice Bergen's home in Beverly Hills. Think they were knocking back Pabst Blue Ribbon?

Better still, John McCain is put in the position of affirming, loudly and clearly, that, yes, he voted for the asshole with the highest disapproval rating in history. And we should vote for you why?

Meanwhile, McCain's camp is accusing Obama of playing the age card (again) with his "lost bearings" line. Nonsense! He's playing the crazy card. Whatcha gonna do about it, Walnuts?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


McCain statement to be released sometime during the campaign:

"I once again want to apologize for the vulgar obscenity I used to describe Barbara Walters. My interview with her came at the end of a very long day and I had merely meant to poke fun at her diminutive stature by calling here a 'runt.' Perhaps I misspoke."

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