May 8, 2008

The Godwin factor is through the roof, but still

[h/t simsburybear]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Hitler was a pansy.

Holy Living Jesus-Fucking Robot.

By coincidence "God fuck you all" is how I signed out of a teleconference at work today.

Thanks for building an image in my mind of Hillary in lederhosen, dummkopf.

You know, the "Let's add topical subtitles to Hitler!" meme is pretty ancient, at least by internet standards. This one (and still the best of the bunch) was made right after an Arsenal-Tottenham match last September.

I meant to add, the irony of the above video is that Tottenham's fans call themselves "the Yid Army" or "Yids", a nickname they've embraced after Arsenal fans mocked them for their supposedly large Jewish fanbase.

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