April 11, 2008

Mmm, crucifixy!

For my latest stop on the Rapture Ready! publicity tour, I did one of them newfangled Bloggingheads.tv diavlogs with the erudite and entertaining Jeff Sharlet. I think it came out pretty well. If, like me, you've been avoiding these things because they're called Blogginghead.tv diavlogs, this would be a good time to get past that unfortunate fact.

Hey, you can even go all the way and "create a dingalink."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


i tried posting this on your Rapture Ready webpage but it didn't work, so here it goes... hope you don't mind.
that's a great perspective! i think all religions interpret "love thy neighbor" as helping thy neighbor find islam, catholicism, protestantism, etc., etc., etc.... there's a seventh day adventist joke that says that when they (7th day adventists) go to heaven they'll be placed in a surrounded area so they have the illusion they're the only ones who were saved (i know, it's not that funny). but if there is a heaven (and i doubt very much there is) that's how it's going to have to be for every religion. they will simply not bear the sight of one another and face the fact that they were all worthy of being saved (or not)! and it's not only the radicals. the simple fact that you belong to a certain religion implies that all other religions are wrong and therefore not worthy of heaven. ask any religious person (no matter how liberal) if he/she thinks that someone professing a faith different than their's is going to heaven and i'm absolutely positive they will not give a direct answer, if at all.
Marx said that religion is the "opium of the people". i think it's the curse of most people. it not only makes people stupid, it turns them into radicals (at lower and higher levels). it's not that i don't believe in God so much (although i don't, most of the time). i do wish there is one, and the notion of heaven is very appealing. but most of the time i think that if there is a God, he's a realy mean and cruel one. or at least he has a realy black sense of humor. and yes he does play dice with the universe. because he doesn't care! but that's not the point... if he does or not exist i don't think it's worth fighting and killing over it - each individual has a right to choose his faith - just like an individual has the right to say that religion sucks, and draw cartoons of mohamed wearing a bomb shaped turbant. and that's where religion sucks! because they all preach and want to convert you and think that if you are not a follower (of their religion) you are going to hell (or in some cases, if you say anything about them you are going to die and you deserve it!) - enough fear already! but i guess that if they didn't do that they wouldn't survive financialy, right? so there you go. it's a matter of politics and money (mostly money)... it's not faith, it's not tryimg to do good and being a better human being. it's greed and corporate religion and who's going to win more converts and get more money from them - or more people willing to blow up themselves and others because of it.
and yes, i'm sorry to say, christian rock does suck (for the most part)... not because they're christian, simply because they're not very good and the lyrics (sermons) totaly suck.
i haven't read your book, but i plan to, although i'll probably have to import it, because i live in Brazil and i don't think you're book is coming out here any time soon. i'm brazilian and i'm a translator and among the books i've translated are quite a few evangelical books. and i have to tell you... i had to be very professional to translate those books, because they were the most disgusting things i have ever had the displeasure of translating! aside from the fact that all of them were very badly written, one of them was probably the most violent and hypocritical book i've ever read (about a kung-fu champion that becomes a christian), the other one was one of the most morbid books i've ever read (about abortion) and the other one was simply hilariously ridiculous (about famous christian fathers - george w. senior is one example).
i do like your blog. it gets me pissed off enough to write shit like this. sorry if my english is not that good.
yours trully,

You can't get on something good, like the Colbert Report?

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