March 7, 2008

How exactly do you broker a convention?

I forgot to mention last week that I wrote a briefing for The Week about the history and mechanics of contested conventions. Fortunately, it's only more topical now.

Fortunately for me, I mean, not for the Democrats.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


By definition, doesn't one of the two candidates, Clinton or Obama have to receive a 1st ballot majority? Or can superdelegates abstain or even vote for a favorite son on the 1st ballot, resulting that neither one receives that magic 2025? Also, if neither Florida or Michigan is seated, does a candidate need 2025, or merely a majority of those attending?

Some discussion re: the 2025 on a great political science blog: http://www.themonkeycage.org/2008/03/post_67.html

It's extremely unlikely, but according to some interpretations of the rules, delegates could bail on the candidates the public thought they were voting for and cast their ballot for Al Gore or Mickey Mouse instead.

2025 is the number without Florida and Michigan. If they're seated, it goes up to 2209, meaning Clinton wouldn't get quite as big an advantage as it seems even if the delegates were seated as is.

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