February 11, 2008

Daniel Does Dallas

You know that thing that bloggers do where when they go away for a while, they get somebody else to blog for them, or at least have the courtesy to let readers know that they're not going to be posting? That might have been a good idea.

Belatedly, I'm traveling and won't be posting till later in the week. I would have posted the new cartoon, but there isn't one this week, so keep milking every drop of funny out of that last one.

That is all.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I'd post for you when you go away. Yeeeah.com and celebitchy.com both paid me 200 for a week of posting while they were away.

For you I'd do it for free.

A warning, though, I don't think I could post anything like you.

The tours here are obscene.

Sure, walk out. Walk out like all the rest. Why should you be any different.

Okay, I'm game: Why are you in Dallas?

B'nai tha K

(onetime "Honorable Mention" honoree in the Anti)

People. People! The important thing is to remain calm. If we just start panicking and tearing at eachother we won't get anywhere. Now, do you want to try to escape and maybe live or do you want to stay here and die for sure? Because that's what'll happen, the water will rise, the fire will get closer and eventually we'll all fall into the fissure in the earth created by the giant black hole. Now, you, Maxwell, you used to be a mountain climber, right? You still know how to belay a line so we can hoist Fred Astaire out of here? Good. Okay, JD, you and Maureen McGovern go find all the chapstick you can find, that's right, we're sliding out of here. We're ALL sliding out of here. And god willing we'll slide all the way to Chicago before the reactor blows.

I sent Daniel this link and have no doubt if he were in town, and not as lazy and shiftless as he is, he would have done a post about it whether I'd sent it or not. But now by the time he gets done doing Dallas it will be ancient history, so...

via Romenesko...
A Los Angeles Times story said Sam Zell directed a "two-word obscenity" at an Orlando Sentinel photographer. "What on Earth did Zell say?" writes Gustavo Arellano. "'Darn tootin'?' 'God dammit?' 'Mitt Romney?' If the story deserves to be written, don't we deserve to know what it's really about? ...Hey, Zell: I hear you love to curse. How about making this paper reflect your saltiness, you (same word Zell uses to insult reporters, no doubt appreciated by him, but that can't appear in the Los Angeles Times -- yet)?"

Uh-huh. Radosh is pulling a 9/11 Bush here -- flitting around from airport to airport, making erratic and inadequate public statements when he does land, generally failing us in our time of crisis.

Speaking of which -- Rudy Giuliani is available! Maybe you could get him to host the blog for a week. Pitch it to him as the first step on his big '12 comeback.

First, I want to nominate TG Gibbons for best non-anti-caption entry ever on this blog. (Nicely done, son.)

But please TG! Don't tell me to calm the fuck down!
This is a crisis!

Now, give me a snorkel, I'll surf the damn web myself if I have to!!

The "NET" you mean.

You surf the "Net."

(Let me guess, you're over 40)

TG, you had me at "People. People! The important thing is to remain calm. If we just start panicking and tearing at eachother."

And I finally saw Transformers, or whatever that's called. So now I'm a much better informed human being.

I don't think people say "surf the Net" much anymore, either. Do they?

Check it out: the wax figure of Barack Obama was unveiled yesterday at Madame Tussaud's in D.C., standing behind the president's desk in a replica of the Oval Office. Hillary's dummy was positioned off to the side.


Hey, Daniel, can you bring me back one of them snowglobes? I think they're cool (no pun intended).

There is a time for fishing, and a time to mend the nets ... and then to surf them.

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